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DTH Rigs

DTH Rigs
JCR Series Hydralic Powered Drill Rigs are specially designed for cost effective drilling by using down the hole hammers & bits.  Hydralic System Powered by Carrier Engine is operated by fixed displacement pump which controls Top Head Drive speed and feed.  Centralised control panel located close to the drilling position ensures easy operation.

JCR latest technology Rigs are low in maintenance & high in productivity.

JCR Series JCR JCR 700 JCR 1000 JCR 1500 JCR 500
Hole Dia 6" / 6.5" 6" / 6.5" 16" Max. 4.5"
Depth Rating 750ft. 1000ft. 1500ft. 500ft.
Drilling Mode Rotary cum DTH Rotary cum DTH Heavy Rotary DTH
Drill Tube Length 15/20ft. 15/20ft. 20ft. 10ft.
Rotation :RPM 100 150 150 30
Rotation Torque 30000 in-lb 33000 in-lb 60000 in-lb 12500 in-lb
Pull Up Force 16500 lbf 22000 lbf 33000 lbf 14000 lbf
Pull Up Speed 60ft/min. 75ft/min. 50ft/min. 50ft/min.
Pull Down Force 12000 lbf 14500 lbf 24000 lbf 10000 lbf
Pull Down Speed 80 ft/min. 110 ft/min. 65 ft/min. 60 ft/min.
Hydraulic System Pump Gear/Vane Type Gear/Vane Type Gear/Vane Type Gear/Type
Tank Capacity 300 lts 350 lts 500 lts 200 lts
Water injection Pump:
Max. Flow 361pm 361pm 551pm -
Pressure 425 psi 425 psi 600 psi -
Air Line Lubricator Venturi Type Venturi Type Venturi Type Venturi Type
Max. Pressure 450 psi 450 psi 550 psi 300 psi

Ashok Leyland Tusker Super

Ashok Leyland Tusker Super

Ashok Leyland Tusker Super

Ashok Leyland Comet

  • Hydraulic Pump package driven by carrier engine at low constant RPM ensures longer life span of pumps, gear box and power take off system.
  • Fast Feed & Rotation System ensures faster retrieving of drill tubes.  Variable rotation and feed combination, helps drilling/retrieving in difficult strata conditions.
  • Rotary cum D.T.H. models can be used with a Mud Pump and Rotary drilling accessories for mud drilling.
  • System design incorporated is latest in technology and requires very less maintenance expenditure.
  • Built to last long keeping customer and operator requirements in mind.
  • Powerful Water & Foam Injection Pump, driven by high torque hydralic motor, installed to work with high pressure compressed air.
  • Larger Centraliser table with front half swingout facility accommodates larger diameter casing pipes.
  • Drill Module Construction & Mounting made simple & easy for service maintenance and accessibility.
OPTIONS : Winch, Rod Changer, Jib Hoist, Two Speed Rotary Head, Mud pump, Night Lights, Welding Generator etc., are part of accessories.

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