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Dyna Drill Equipment

Dynadrill DTH Hammer : 

DYNADRILL is manufacturing 6 sizes of Hammer and mating Button Bits
» DYNADRILL PRITHVI 30 for drilling 3 1/2" to 4" in hard rock and 5" to 6" in over burden drilling.
» DYNADRILL PRITHVI 40 for drilling 4.1/8" to 5" in hard rock and 6" to 7" in over burden drilling.
» DYNADRILL PRITHVI 60 / 65 for drilling 6" to 6.1/2" in hard rock and 8" to 9" in over burden drilling.
» DYNADRILL PRITHVI 80 for drilling 8" to 8.1/2" in hard rock and 10" to 12" in over burden drilling.
» DYNADRILL PRITHVI 100 for drilling 10" to 10.1/2" in hard rock and 12" to 14" in over burden drilling.
» DYNADRILL PRITHVI 120 for drilling 12" to 12.1/2" in hard rock and 13" to 17.1/2" in over burden drilling.
Dynadrill DTH Hammer

PRITHVI SERIES are 4th generation Hammers, we eliminated Foot Valve in the Button Bit which is the potential trouble maker when the drilling is in deep depth.

The Proprietory Dynadrill's "PRITHVI SERIES HAMMERS" Maximises efficiency and develops greater power for any compressor capacities available.As a result the Prithvi series of Hammers penetrate 15% to 30% faster than competative Hammers available in the market giving you an additional production at a lower unit cost.

Designed to suit high pressure drilling rigs.
Water well drilling
Record breaking penetration.
Bench drilling
Exploring Civil Engineering Applications
Lowest cost per foot drilled.
Mining /Mineral Exploration
Simple & robust design. Exploring Civil Engineering Applications
Oil well drilling
Foot Valve not required in the bit.
Longer parts life.
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