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Dyna Drill Equipment

New design Hybrid Rotary Drill Bits
(Tungsten Stud Bit) : 


A new generation of Drill Bits for Soft-Medium rock formations making possible faster penetration and lower cost per Metre.
Bit Size in Inch API pin Size in Inch
6 1/4 3 1/2 Reg.
7 5/8 4 1/2 Reg.
8 1/2 4 1/2 Reg.
9 7/8 6 5/8 Reg.
12 1/4 6 s/s Reg.
New design Hybrid Rotary Drill Bits

Life Expectancy How They Outperform Tricone Rock Roller Bits
New design Hybrid Rotary Drill Bits New design Hybrid Rotary Drill Bits
Single piece bit body eliminates bit failures, altogether. Stud cutter positioning on bit shanks ensure removal of equal volume of rock in each RPM.

How Hybrid Rotary Drill Bits Work
Hybrid Rotary Drill Bits Hybrid Rotary Drill Bits

Shearing cutting action allows drilling with less weight on bit. Flush holes perform Nozzles function in Air Rotary Drilling

Reasons Why You Buy Hybrid Rotary drill bitsx

S.No. Specification Hybrid Rotary drill bits Tricone
1. Rock Cutting By Shearing By Crushing
2. Bit Body Single Piece 3 Cones Welded Assembly
3. Movable Parts None Many, moving in two axial directions.
4. Drilling TC Stud Cutter Milled Tooth
5. Rock Yield Maximum Average
6. Cutter Position Capable to remove equal volume of rock. Unequal due to Cones Setup
7. Weight on Bit Less More
8. ROP (Rate of Penetration) High Low
9. Hole deviation Avoidable Unavoidable
10. Round trips/bit changes Minimum. Maximum
11. Drill Collars Minimum. Maximum
12. Fishing Uncommon due to bit failure. Common due to bit failure
13. Bit designs Matched to formation types Limitation due to movable parts.
14. Bit/Failure during drilling Uncommon Common due to failure of cones, rollers, bearings, seals, nozzles, welds, etc.
15. Cost per metre of drilling Low High
16. Price Competitive by performance High

Available in Sizes

Bit Size in Inch API pin Size in Inch Recommended
Wt. on bit in Lbs. RPM Torque ft./Lbs
6 1/4 3 1/2 Reg. 2000-12000 80-150 7000-9000
7 5/8 4 1/2 Reg. 2000-10000 80-150 12000-15000
8 1/2 4 1/2 Reg. 2000-10000 80-130 12000-15000
9 7/8 6 5/8 Reg. 3000-20000 80-100 20000-25000
12 1/4 6 5/8 Reg. 4000-20000 80-100 30000-40000

General Usage Characteristics :

Hybrid bits drill by shearing of rock
Stud cutters provide increased RPM, with less weight on bit.
Types of bits are designed to IADC code to international standards.Bit styles can be matched to formation characters, Avail free guidance (from Manufacturers) to obtain optimum cost benefit, related to formation types intended to be drilled.
Order bits indicating catalogue code number, and size in mm.
Hybrid bits provide API standard bit tolerances ranging in +1/32" to 0.
All the bits work with all makes of drilling rigs both for blast hole and water well drilling.
usable for air/water/mud/direct rotary drilling.

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